Notes From the Grooming Table (Kent City: White Dog Enterprises, Inc., 2004)

This is the book that has set the industry standard for grooming reference guides. Step-by-step instructions and beautiful illustrations are featured in this informative edition, written by Melissa Verplank and based on her years of experience and expert grooming skills. This book has put thousands on the path to beautiful grooming.

Notes from the Grooming Table is a comprehensive grooming guide that includes information on:

Basic pet trimming using typical grooming techniques
Up-to-date pet grooming styles with illustrations
More than 150 breed profiles
Step-by-step instructions
Illustrations by renowned wildlife artist Lisa Van Sweden

Put Melissa’s grooming experience to work for you. Founder of The Paragon School of Pet Grooming and well-known industry speaker, Melissa has set a standard of excellence that is unparalleled in the grooming industry. She has created one of the most comprehensive grooming guides available.pol_pl_Notes-from-the-grooming-table-Melissa-Verplank-178_1